Who We Are

We’re move coordinators, not movers

Just as a wedding planner organizes and manages every stage of a wedding, Prévu takes charge of every stage of your personal move. A wedding planner builds a timeline, details a plan, coordinates service providers, and orchestrates all of the diverse elements that must perform flawlessly for a stress-free, successful wedding and a happy bride. Prévu’s white-glove service operates very much the same way. We build a timeline, detail a plan, organize, coordinate, oversee, and finish your move for you. We make sure that you and your belongings are well-prepared and that you are moved smoothly and extraordinarily well with minimum disruption of your life.




What We Do

Everything that makes your home yours is our concern

Prévu is bonded and insured, maintains strict confidentiality, and brings in only trusted, professional service providers with impeccable credentials with whom we have long-standing relationships.  We create a Request for Proposal (RFP) and present it on your behalf to bidding moving companies. Our RFP ensures that bidders have accurate, on-target information to submit a realistic bid. The RFP also lets bidders know that we know what we’re doing – so they sharpen their pencils and provide you with a competitive price with no surprises.


We oversee packing, transportation, and installation per your instructions in your destination home. From books and bibelots, cutlery and china cabinets, bathrooms and bed linens, we don’t finish until your home is gathered together, ready for you to begin making new memories in your home the moment you walk through your front door.




Whom We Serve

Sellers and Buyers, Corporations, Realtors, and Interior Designers rely on us

With Prévu Relocation Concierge Services, sellers and buyers keep doing what they do so well and we do what we do so well – managing their moves. Corporations appreciate when Prévu is in charge because transferees are more productive and spend less time diverted by their personal move. Realtors love having Prévu on board because they know their clients are more confident and relaxed, and that the mechanics of the move will be handled professionally and on schedule, lessening the chances for possession issues at closing. And Interior Designers know that their furniture-arrangement plan for a client’s new home will be implemented flawlessly and with white-glove service when Prévu is working with them.