Welcome to Texas, y’all!


super bowl




In a couple of weeks, the Lone Star State, specifically Houston, will be hosting the biggest game of the year.  Texans are born with football in their blood.  Friday night lights have been a beacon for every Texan from the time they took their first step.  Homecoming is an event like no other and the bigger the mum, the better!  


The rivalry between the big cities in Texas is fierce.  But, it’s like a sibling rivalry.  The big cities can pick on each other, but how dare any non-Texan say a negative word about any place in the Lone Star State!


Texas is proud of its unique culture.  Texas made “y’all” a word.  And, yes, “y’all” is a word!  It’s a contraction formed from the words “you” and “all.”  It is also a complete sentence.  Y’all!


Check out these links for more information about Texas and Houston as the host of Super Bowl 51:


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Everything you need to know about Houston and Super Bowl 51 is found on the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee Site.  


The front door of Houston is located at the Greater Houston Partnership.


We hope everyone enjoys the big game on February 5th.  May your queso and BBQ be authentic!  Oh, and pack sweaters and your bathing suit.  Because in Texas, all four seasons can happen in one, single day!