Top 6 Things People Forget When Moving




Before moving, remember to do the following tasks, which are often overlooked:


  • Important Documents:  Medical records, vaccination records, school records, veterinarian records – call several weeks before moving and ask to get hard copies of these important items.  You may want to make copies and give a copy to somebody in your family or put them in a safety deposit box during the transition.  Don’t forget to refill all prescriptions you may need within the next month (or longer if moving out of state or the country). Having these items done will save a lot of stress after the move when they are needed.
  • Purge: Purge, purge, purge!  Again, purge….getting rid of items that are of no value or no use is very important.  Why pay to have something packed, moved, and unpacked if you don’t really want to keep it?  The key to this is to do it early in the process, the closer to your move, the less priority it will have.  If it has not been used or is of no value, donate it to charity or toss it.
  • “Open Me First” Box:  When moving, create an “Open Me First” box, which should include the essential items needed for the first night in a new home.  Sheets for the bed.  Towels for the bathroom.  Toiletries needed immediately.  Whatever needed within the first 24-48 hours in a new home should be packed in this box. Don’t forget the pets, too!
  • Flammables: Think ahead and dispose of any flammable items.  Movers cannot move these types of items. These items include propane tanks, gasoline used for lawn equipment, bleach, nail polish remover, etc.  Anything that may be flammable cannot be packed and moved due to their hazardous nature.
  • Liquids:  Liquids, because they are liquids, don’t pack or move well.  Often times, damage to your belongings occur because of liquids which are packed and somehow leak out of the box onto your other items or furniture.  Take a picture of the cabinet you store your cleaning items in for future reminders when you go to purchase these for your new home.  This is a great tip to remember what items you may need to restock in your refrigerator, too!
  • Valuables/Hidden Items:  Pack jewelry and other small collectibles before the movers arrive.  These items need to be moved by the homeowner rather than packed and moved by a moving company.  Also, are there any hidden storage areas or secret hiding places in the home?  Homeowners need to make sure they remove any items in these hiding places before moving.  “Valuable items” may mean sentimental things that you want to keep in your possession during the move.


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