Top 5 things to do before moving into a new home.


There are so many important things to do when moving. These 5 things top the list as most necessary tasks that will pay off in the long run. 


  1. Deep clean: Whether it is a new house or a previously loved one, it will pay off tenfold if you simply have it cleaned before any of your belongings arrive. With a new house there may be paint splatters or dust on every shelf. Even if the builder has had someone clean before you take ownership, do yourself a favor and give it a once over yourself or hire a professional to get into the nitty gritty corners. If it is a previously owned home the same rule applies, even if they cleaned it, you want to be confident that it has been done to your satisfaction. This includes having carpets cleaned if the are not brand new. 
  2. Shelf liner: We love shelf liner, no denying that. It saves your shelves from scratches, moisture damage and is so easy to clean. It is one of those essential pre-move tasks that is so much easier to have done before all of your items are in. We like the ribbed shelf liner because it cushions, protects, and the ribbed texture allows air to circulate, preventing molding, mildewing and odor retention. Also for future resale, scratched and dented shelves and cabinet interiors are a buyer turn-off. 
  3. Paint: This is another task that is so much easier to have done before your items are moved into the home. It can be a big decision to pick colors but if you can, you will save yourself some trouble later to pick them as soon as possible. Even if you are not sure about the final color, go with a nice neutral that will go with the majority of your decor and you can live with for awhile.
  4. Change out locks: This goes without saying but changing out locks from pervious owners is a smart security decision. Many new home builders are using Re-Key or Smart technology locks that can be re-keyed yourself or by using a smart phone. Replacing the screws on the deadbolt to prevent a door from being kicked in is also a wise pre-move in task. Your handyman or locksmith should be able to do this for you or for the DIY’er here is a helpful link.
  5. Purge: Before the movers come to pack up your old home, spend some serious time thinking about what you have and what you will use in the new home. There is no reason to spend time and money moving items that you will not use once moved. Donate, sell or trash what you do not want. You will be so much happier on the other end if you do this up front then are stuck with “stuff” you know you do not like or need later.


If all of this seems like too much to handle, remember we can oversee and manage each one of these essential pre-move tasks and take the stress off of your plate!

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