The Story of Before and After


g before after 2


Our Prévu team recently had a very unique, and quite rewarding, residential relocation project.  The scope involved relocating a client from one high-rise space to a different high-rise space all in one day.  That may sound simple enough, but we were also given the task of making sure all belongings were packed, overseeing the move to the new space, and unpacking the belongings.  In the same day.  And with the expectation that the project would be completed during the time the client was at work. However, at Prévu, we don’t just simply unpack…


the ivy sidewalk


The morning started while the moon was still visible and we waved goodbye, sending our client off to work a typical day.  With the assurance that upon the end of the work day, the new home would be ready to go.


g before 1

Our team quickly went to task, guiding the movers to begin packing the entire contents of the client’s home.  Our team of professionals brainstormed plans for organizing the client’s new home as they oversaw the packing process.  Getting excited about organization is a part of who we are!


g closet


Boxes began to arrive in the new space and our team put the organization process into motion.  Kitchen items were strategically placed in cupboards and drawers.  Furniture was positioned just the right way.  An office nook was staged, both in an eye-pleasing and functional format.  Towels were cleaned and perfectly folded.  Toiletries were organized and ready for use.  Freshly laundered sheets and fluffed pillows were placed on the beds.  And closets were coordinated to the highest of standards.


sunset ivy view


As the sun began to set, the Prévu team made sure all details were in order.  Our mission was for the client to walk in after a day at the office and enjoy the new home, without interruption to the regular schedule.  


Upon entering the new home, our client was beyond thrilled!   Perfection is our goal on each and every project.  We are grateful for another opportunity to have our client say, “WOW, I love it!”   Our team left with smiles on their faces, knowing that the mission was more than accomplished.


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