Shelf Liner: Forget the Sticky Stuff!


shelf liner 1 bathtub



The world of shelf liner has come a long way from the days of the sticky stuff that was a pain to install and impossible to remove without damage to the surface beneath.  Today’s shelf liner quality is amazing – from the installation to the cleaning to the protection of shelf/drawer areas.    


shelf liner kitchen background


Many times, homeowners ask the question, “Do I really need shelf liner?”  

Our answer at Prévu Relocation Concierge Services is always “YES!”  

Why? Because we see so many cabinets and drawers in poor condition due to lack of shelf liner, which makes a huge difference in the long run.   Quality shelf lining means no more sticky residue in the pantry; no discolored bathroom drawers from make-up; no more chemical  erosion from cleaner that has spilled beneath the sink; no more scuff marks on the closet shelves from shoes, bags, etc.   



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 At Prévu, we have perfected the art of shelf lining!  We utilize the best quality shelf liner on the market, which can be easily wiped down or removed, cleaned, and returned to its proper place.  Preservation of shelves and drawers is just as important as maintaining the rest of a home.  


Give us a call at Prévu Relocation Concierge Services to learn about how we can help you or your real estate client with shelf lining needs.