Houston’s Long Term Recovery

 tx harvey


“Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!”

Texans frequently use this phrase and here is what we mean when we say it:

“To improve your situation by your own efforts without any help from other people.” 


Texans are filled with pride.  Pride in the fact that we handle our seemingly impossible situations all on our own.   Texans have always been willing to reach out to our neighbors in times of trouble, but we have not always been willing to ask for help from our neighbors or surrounding communities.  However, Harvey changed everything.   With Harvey, we learned that we do indeed need help from others. We learned to accept that help. We learned to be extremely grateful for that help.  It made the difference between life and death.


Houston, Corpus Christi, Rockport, Beaumont, and all of the surrounding Gulf Coast areas have been affected by

this catastrophic event.  The rescue of our neighbors in peril was immediate.  The recovery of our neighbors will be an extremely long term process.


Now we are trying to get back to normal and figuring out the extensive clean-up which will be required.  Most companies are back in business, even if they are dealing with damage to their buildings and only have a skeleton crew at work.  Students who were delayed in starting the school year are now back in the classroom.  Homeowners who lost everything are still working tirelessly to sort through the debris.   And even though Harvey is long gone, this is just the beginning.


One of our core values at Prévu is “servant leadership.”  That phrase perfectly describes what we saw in our community and all around Texas. Neighbors serving neighbors and leading one another through the terrible storm.


Our Prévu team will not forget that weeks, months, and even years will go by and our community will still be affected by this storm.  Which is why servant leadership and remembering the extended needs of our neighbors is so important.


Houston is resilient and we are pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, with the help of our neighbors, and are ready to get Houston and Texas recovered.   Let us know how we can help.  We have a full staff who want to assist in the recovery of Houston and the Lone Star State!


Praying that our friends and colleagues have made it through the storm.  

Please let us know how we can serve, now and in the future.