Our goal is to WOW our clients!


$6000 egg book cover

Serve your client. Guarantee your service. Get it right the first time. Have confidence in your product. Go beyond what is promised. Wow the customer!


These are some of the often repeated phrases throughout the book entitled, “The $6,000 Egg,” by Deb and Todd Duncan.  We shared this book at a recent team meeting; however, none of these phrases are new to our team. We have upheld exemplary customer service standards throughout our time in business as a relocation concierge services firm. We constantly strive to raise the bar higher. We own a company culture that projects a continual desire to serve, grow, adapt, and most importantly, learn how we be the very best at relocating people.  


We receive accolades from our clients as we give them a tour of their home once the relocation project is complete.  We can always hear a sense of relief in their voices as they take in each room and storage space, which have all been handled with our impeccable attention to detail.  Our team at Prévu is proud to leave every project knowing that we gave our best and made sure our clients were 100% satisfied with the results.  We always ask our clients, “What more can we do for you to make your experience better than ever?”  We stand behind that question on every project and strive to meet those goals each time, without fail.  Customer satisfaction will always be our #1 goal!  


Pick up this gem of a book sold through The Duncan Group. The book will speak to you as a consumer and a business professional. The ideal customer service culture that radiates throughout this book is important for all levels of professionals, starting from the CEO on down through the employment ranks.


Our end goal at Prévu Relocation Concierge Services is to always give our clients the WOW factor!