Moving During the Holidays: Controlling the Chaos





Our Prévu team has learned a lot of lessons over the years as a relocation concierge services company.  The most important of those lessons is that we should always expect the unexpected.  Our friends and colleagues are always surprised to learn that we have many clients who move right before or during the busy holiday season.  They wonder why a client would choose to add relocating their home and family to an already stressful time of the year.  What we have learned and remind everyone is this – moving is a task that happens 365 days a year.  People have various reasons for moving;  ranging from job transfers, retirement, sudden life changes, etc.  Houses get put on the market and once the sale is final, a move must commence, regardless of the time of year!


Since Prévu’s beginning, our relocation and organization specialists have packed, unpacked, organized, and displayed numerous holiday decorations for clients.  We have turned houses into homes for clients the day before Thanksgiving, so they can host their family and show off their new home without the stress of boxes in the way.  We have displayed Christmas trees for families on Christmas Eve so their children can wake up the next morning and run excitedly to see what goodies Santa has left for them.  These are the small gestures that create peaceful memories for our clients.  We love to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients! 


On a regular day, we create order out of chaos for our clients.  During the holidays, the chaos and stress increase even more.  There is no better feeling for our team than leaving a project at the end of the day knowing our client is delighted with our performance.  We love to leave them saying, “WOW!”


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