Move Expectations: Raising the Bar


Frustrated Young Couple With Moving Boxes At Home


When folks begin the move process, their expectation of how the move will go is usually set pretty low and typically becomes a dreaded undertaking.  Reality is that most homes are not organized the way they should be and people do not have the time once the decision to move is made; therefore, the process becomes a “hold your nose, jump in, and hope for the best” prospect.  Or, at the very least, hope for no major fails.




In order to get recommendations, people typically seek out friends/colleagues who have recently been through the experience.  Then they invite a few companies out, hear the sales pitch from the moving company rep as they walk through the client’s home, and stand by helplessly as the rep looks through nooks, crannies, and personal belongings.  A bid is finally presented based on either how much weight or cubic feet of belongings will need to be relocated. 


The system is without consideration of a family’s wants and/or needs.  It is just a matter of numbers and a roll of the dice once the contract is signed as to whether a good crew will show up, largely based on whether the estimator did an honest job with the bid process.   The belongings are packed into boxes by a bunch of movers that do not personally know the client, loaded onto a truck, driven to a new home, and then unloaded.   For many people, just watching the process produces a lot of grimaces, crossed fingers, and closed eyes as they hope for minimal breakage and/or damage to their valued possessions. 


After the movers walk out of the door, a mess of boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and scuffs are left behind.


There is a better way to move!


The Prévu team reinserts the human factor by getting to know the family and their goals.   There is no reason for anyone to settle for the “just the way it goes” culture that has infiltrated the move industry.  There are great moving companies with dedicated crews out there but the problem is that the average customer has no idea who they are and how to get to them.  Prévu works on behalf of our clients, securing those great movers, crews, and vendors that fit the unique needs of the client. 




Do not rely on luck when moving a household, but rather hire experts like Prévu to navigate the process.  People hire a wedding planner to plan the most important day of their life, or a contractor to build a home, and an architect to design the home.  Why risk it all at the end when precious belongings are at stake?


Imagine this:

A trusted expert responsible for overseeing the move of your home.


Having a well thought out plan based on the needs of your family.


Procuring a trustworthy team of service providers who show up on time, with the right equipment, and executing a great job under the watchful eyes of Prévu’s trained professionals.


Having all of your boxes unpacked with care as our professional organizers arrange every drawer, make every bed, properly fold and store your linens, and place everything in closets, on bookshelves, and in cabinets.


You walk into your new home, with the vision as lovely as you hoped, without stress, sweat, or tears.




Moves really can happen just this way.   Call Prévu Relocation Concierge Services before you move and you can experience a stress-free, professional experience from a team who truly cares and has the expertise to go way above your expectations!


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