During our team meeting last week we had a special guest visit with us. Stacy Harris, owner of Impressions by Stacy Harris came and spoke with us about image. She explained that the way we present ourselves with body language and clothing choice impacts the way people view us before we even speak a word. She emphasized that is important to represent yourself and your company professionally at all times and can do that with simple choices. She gave us her top 10 wardrobe must haves. 


What we wear on jobs is very important. It must be practical and comfortable since we are on our feet, bending over, etc. all day but also must be professional. She helped us with what exactly that should look like. 
We all had a laugh when she adjusted Kim’s shirt to flatter her figure. 

IMG_0366 IMG_0367



“Stacy is a 20 year sales and public speaking veteran, and an image and sales coach.  Having started her career as a retail specialist and now owning her image consulting company, IMPRESSIONS by Stacy Harris.


Stacy works with business owners and sales professionals who want to improve their personal image, presentations, learn how to network effectively, speak with more confidence, and close more sales.


As an owner of multiple businesses, Stacy has a passion to teach others how develop their businesses and business relationships. She is author of the Strategic Connections seminar and coaching program, which she uses when working with groups and individuals. It contains the most important steps to finding, connecting with, securing and taking care of your ideal customers.


Stacy is available for private coaching sessions as well as keynote speaking engagements and seminars.  Please email her directly to find out more about private bookings.”


If interested in working with Stacy personally or professionally you may contact her HERE.