Dealing with Sentimental Stuff


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As residential move managers, we frequently receive calls from clients requesting our services to organize and relocate their parents’ homes.  These requests may come because they are relocating their parents to a retirement community where the square footage is much smaller than the home they have resided in for many years.  These requests also come as a result of parents who have deceased and their family members are now dealing with all of the items left behind.


Regardless of the reason, there is never an easy time to sort through the sentimental belongings.  The task involves going through a household full of possessions that had sentimental value to your loved one.  Nostalgia and sentimentality take over, which lead to feelings of guilt about throwing out these items.  While some of the words in the following blog, “Sorry Nobody Wants Your Parents’ Stuff,”  by Richard Eisenberg may seem blunt, they are words worth reading.  Much like we all have to deal with the uncomfortable tasks in life, such as life insurance and wills, dealing with a loved one’s belongings is also necessary.  Planning for this is key.  


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