Clearing Out the Holiday Clutter


We all know the New Year brings on new resolutions, some of which are unreasonable thereby causing us to ditch the commitment by about the third week of January.  But one resolution which can be easily executed and completed in one day is organizing your Christmas décor as you prepare to store it until next Christmas. Tradition states the tree, trimmings, and other Christmas décor is supposed to stay in place until after the 12th day of Christmas, which is January 5th.   However, from a practical standpoint, most people try to have the Christmas decoration cleaned out and tucked away earlier.   For those who have children, it is always nice to have our homes back to normal before everyone returns to school and work once the holiday break is done.

Whatever practice you follow for taking down your holiday decorations, we have some great tips for getting your house back in order and ready for the New Year.

The key to storing your Christmas decorations is organizing them as you remove and box them up. Home Storage Solutions has great tips for purging, organizing, and storing your decorations for safekeeping and easy retrieval next year.   Some of the suggestions are as follows:

  •  Declutter and get rid of decorations you no longer use or want.
  • Assess the decorations left after the purge and place them in categories.
  • Gather the right storage solutions. 
  • Organize the items by size and type. 
  • Store with boxes clearly labeled for easy access next holiday season.


There are easy to follow suggestions and details on the Home Storage Solutions site. 

And if you are feeling especially adventurous here is a list of 200 things to throw away and get your life more organized for the new year.

As you enter into 2016, our team at Prevu wishes you a most wonderful 2016! 

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