Candlelighters – Keeping the Flame Lit



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Our team had the pleasure of serving Candlelighters, an organization dedicated to providing emotional, educational, and practical support to families of children with cancer.   This service organization is near and dear to our hearts and we have enjoyed getting to know them over the years.  Candlelighters recently relocated to a much needed new facility, which includes a large storeroom adjacent to the front offices.  The team at Candlelighters is thrilled to have the storage space, which is easily accessible for them.  Our task was to work with their team to prepare their office prior to the move, oversee the move, and then organize the donated toys, charitable event items/decor, and various supplies they need to operate their organization.  


We were a bit nervous about the prediction of rain in the forecast, so we began that morning by setting up canopies just in case raindrops started to fall from the overcast sky.  We then proceeded to remove boxes which had been moved into the new facility by KC Salley earlier in the week.  Boxes were placed in the parking lot and the organizing began!  Have we mentioned how much we really love the process of organizing?  Because we truly love the challenge!


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Once we had everything moved out, the storage room was nice and empty….but not for long!


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As the day progressed, we sorted, organized, boxed, labeled, and shelved the supplies in order for the team at Candlelighters to maximize their space and have easy access to the items they need.  Check out this great video of how our day went.  Yes, we do work quite quickly.  Okay, we didn’t get it done in under a minute, but we tried to move at lightning speed!




We enjoyed a wonderful lunch provided by the Candlelighters’ team and had the opportunity to learn even more about what they do and how they support their families who deal with childhood cancer.  After lunch, the sun was shining and we were busy helping them finish up the organizing project.  The sense of accomplishment we felt when leaving the project was powerful!  We are proud of the Candlelighters’ team and know that they will be able to work even more efficiently with the new organized, accessible storeroom.


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Thank you to Candlelighters for welcoming us into their new space and for allowing us to help them get their storage room organized.  A great day was had by all!


There are many ways to get involved or donate to Candlelighters, the Childhood Cancer Family Alliance.  


Let’s keep the flame lit!


Thank you to KC Salley Relocation who partnered with our team to get the project done.  We want to also give special thanks to the Houston Relocation Professionals, who have been major supporters and spread awareness for Candlelighters.