Best Time of Year to Move


Summer is the time of year when many people choose to move to a new home.  One of the major reasons people decide to move during the summer is to allow their children to finish up their school year before making a major change.  Yes, moving is definitely a major change!   Moving during the summer break allows families to get settled, meet new neighbors, and adjust to their surroundings. 


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Another major factor in the move decision could be job related.  However, people may be at the mercy of their new employer and not have much control over the time of year in which they are able to move.  Even if someone has little control over the time of year in which they move, they may be able manage the day of the week to schedule the physical move.  According to Money Saving Ideas the best time to move is early in the morning, mid-week. Movers are often less busy during the middle of the week, thereby saving their customers the higher fees associated with weekend moves.


Regardless of the deciding factor, hiring a reputable move coordinator can help lessen the stress of a move.  Every individual and family dynamic is unique.  Prévu Relocation Concierge Services can discuss the different options and create an individualized plan to turn a relocation into a more comfortable experience for everyone involved.