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Houston’s Long Term Recovery

 tx harvey


“Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!”

Texans frequently use this phrase and here is what we mean when we say it:

“To improve your situation by your own efforts without any help from other people.” 


Texans are filled with pride.  Pride in the fact that we handle our seemingly impossible situations all on our own.   Texans have always been willing to reach out to our neighbors in times of trouble, but we have not always been willing to ask for help from our neighbors or surrounding communities.  However, Harvey changed everything.   With Harvey, we learned that we do indeed need help from others. We learned to accept that help. We learned to be extremely grateful for that help.  It made the difference between life and death.


Houston, Corpus Christi, Rockport, Beaumont, and all of the surrounding Gulf Coast areas have been affected by

this catastrophic event.  The rescue of our neighbors in peril was immediate.  The recovery of our neighbors will be an extremely long term process.


Now we are trying to get back to normal and figuring out the extensive clean-up which will be required.  Most companies are back in business, even if they are dealing with damage to their buildings and only have a skeleton crew at work.  Students who were delayed in starting the school year are now back in the classroom.  Homeowners who lost everything are still working tirelessly to sort through the debris.   And even though Harvey is long gone, this is just the beginning.


One of our core values at Prévu is “servant leadership.”  That phrase perfectly describes what we saw in our community and all around Texas. Neighbors serving neighbors and leading one another through the terrible storm.


Our Prévu team will not forget that weeks, months, and even years will go by and our community will still be affected by this storm.  Which is why servant leadership and remembering the extended needs of our neighbors is so important.


Houston is resilient and we are pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, with the help of our neighbors, and are ready to get Houston and Texas recovered.   Let us know how we can help.  We have a full staff who want to assist in the recovery of Houston and the Lone Star State!


Praying that our friends and colleagues have made it through the storm.  

Please let us know how we can serve, now and in the future.





Shelf Liner: Forget the Sticky Stuff!


shelf liner 1 bathtub



The world of shelf liner has come a long way from the days of the sticky stuff that was a pain to install and impossible to remove without damage to the surface beneath.  Today’s shelf liner quality is amazing – from the installation to the cleaning to the protection of shelf/drawer areas.    


shelf liner kitchen background


Many times, homeowners ask the question, “Do I really need shelf liner?”  

Our answer at Prévu Relocation Concierge Services is always “YES!”  

Why? Because we see so many cabinets and drawers in poor condition due to lack of shelf liner, which makes a huge difference in the long run.   Quality shelf lining means no more sticky residue in the pantry; no discolored bathroom drawers from make-up; no more chemical  erosion from cleaner that has spilled beneath the sink; no more scuff marks on the closet shelves from shoes, bags, etc.   



shelf liner clarissa background


 At Prévu, we have perfected the art of shelf lining!  We utilize the best quality shelf liner on the market, which can be easily wiped down or removed, cleaned, and returned to its proper place.  Preservation of shelves and drawers is just as important as maintaining the rest of a home.  


Give us a call at Prévu Relocation Concierge Services to learn about how we can help you or your real estate client with shelf lining needs.  








Top 6 Things People Forget When Moving




Before moving, remember to do the following tasks, which are often overlooked:


  • Important Documents:  Medical records, vaccination records, school records, veterinarian records – call several weeks before moving and ask to get hard copies of these important items.  You may want to make copies and give a copy to somebody in your family or put them in a safety deposit box during the transition.  Don’t forget to refill all prescriptions you may need within the next month (or longer if moving out of state or the country). Having these items done will save a lot of stress after the move when they are needed.
  • Purge: Purge, purge, purge!  Again, purge….getting rid of items that are of no value or no use is very important.  Why pay to have something packed, moved, and unpacked if you don’t really want to keep it?  The key to this is to do it early in the process, the closer to your move, the less priority it will have.  If it has not been used or is of no value, donate it to charity or toss it.
  • “Open Me First” Box:  When moving, create an “Open Me First” box, which should include the essential items needed for the first night in a new home.  Sheets for the bed.  Towels for the bathroom.  Toiletries needed immediately.  Whatever needed within the first 24-48 hours in a new home should be packed in this box. Don’t forget the pets, too!
  • Flammables: Think ahead and dispose of any flammable items.  Movers cannot move these types of items. These items include propane tanks, gasoline used for lawn equipment, bleach, nail polish remover, etc.  Anything that may be flammable cannot be packed and moved due to their hazardous nature.
  • Liquids:  Liquids, because they are liquids, don’t pack or move well.  Often times, damage to your belongings occur because of liquids which are packed and somehow leak out of the box onto your other items or furniture.  Take a picture of the cabinet you store your cleaning items in for future reminders when you go to purchase these for your new home.  This is a great tip to remember what items you may need to restock in your refrigerator, too!
  • Valuables/Hidden Items:  Pack jewelry and other small collectibles before the movers arrive.  These items need to be moved by the homeowner rather than packed and moved by a moving company.  Also, are there any hidden storage areas or secret hiding places in the home?  Homeowners need to make sure they remove any items in these hiding places before moving.  “Valuable items” may mean sentimental things that you want to keep in your possession during the move.


Contact us at 281-205-7956

It’s Rodeo Time – A Behind the Scenes View!





It’s time to rodeo at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!


We love Houston, especially in March! The trail riders, an influx of cowboy boots and hats, volunteer tags hanging from the rear view car mirror, and a general excitement to be a Houstonian. We are particularly proud of the rodeo because of the servant leadership that is shown through the many volunteers who give of their time to make this major event happen. One of our top company values is servant leadership, so we love to see this example on such a grand scale!


For those who don’t have a behind the scenes view of the work that is done behind the scenes, here are some facts about the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, as listed on the HLSR site:


  • Almost every person you see “working” at the rodeo is a volunteer. They have 33,000 volunteers that make the entire event happen!
  • There are 107 committees on which those 33,000 volunteers serve.
  • More than 2.1 million total hours are contributed by the rodeo volunteers.


That’s a lot of volunteers! And a lot of hours! We are proud that several of our team members are part of the volunteer groups and they have such pride about their jobs as volunteers for the rodeo.


Abby, our Operations Director, is going on her 7th year as a volunteer at the rodeo. She got her start as a volunteer on the Gatekeepers committee in 2010 and enjoyed greeting rodeo patrons for two years. In 2011, she swapped to the Transportation committee and is still greeting rodeo patrons, just in a different capacity. She loves being one of the many “faces” of the rodeo, and welcoming patrons to the grounds. She has seen first-hand the impact of the volunteers and truly enjoys giving back.   


Cheryl, one of our Project Managers, has enjoyed raising funds for youth through HLSR. For the past 19 years, she has served on the Souvenir Program and Speakers committees. The Speakers committee offers the opportunity to spread the mission of the show and the importance of education.  Audiences range from school children to corporate business luncheons.  This committee has allowed Cheryl the great opportunity to work closely with special needs children and adults while riding in grand entry, walking in, and announcing the parade. Seeing the children’s faces while riding a “barrel” bull or sitting on the back of a fire engine will forever be sealed in her heart. While Cheryl has given a great deal of time to HLSR, she feels like the opportunities have given her so much more.


Cynthia, one of our Project Assistants, volunteers on the Information Services Committee, and is responsible for setting up all of the computers around the rodeo grounds. She loves meeting and working with people in a fun environment. They are the “behind the scenes” crew that you don’t think about – but this committee is a very vital tool to keeping the rodeo running smoothly!  She looks forward to the rodeo each year so she can give back to the community and help raise scholarships for HLSR.


There are many ways that each of our team members volunteer within organizations in the community, but these are just a few examples of an organization that is near and dear to our hearts. We are so proud of our team. We are so proud to be a part of such an impressive event each year that has such a positive impact on our youth.


Here is more information on visiting the HLSR and ways to get involved.


Dealing with Sentimental Stuff


china image 1


As residential move managers, we frequently receive calls from clients requesting our services to organize and relocate their parents’ homes.  These requests may come because they are relocating their parents to a retirement community where the square footage is much smaller than the home they have resided in for many years.  These requests also come as a result of parents who have deceased and their family members are now dealing with all of the items left behind.


Regardless of the reason, there is never an easy time to sort through the sentimental belongings.  The task involves going through a household full of possessions that had sentimental value to your loved one.  Nostalgia and sentimentality take over, which lead to feelings of guilt about throwing out these items.  While some of the words in the following blog, “Sorry Nobody Wants Your Parents’ Stuff,”  by Richard Eisenberg may seem blunt, they are words worth reading.  Much like we all have to deal with the uncomfortable tasks in life, such as life insurance and wills, dealing with a loved one’s belongings is also necessary.  Planning for this is key.  


Please contact us at Prévu Relocation Concierge Services and let us know how we can help you.







Candlelighters – Keeping the Flame Lit



group photo


Our team had the pleasure of serving Candlelighters, an organization dedicated to providing emotional, educational, and practical support to families of children with cancer.   This service organization is near and dear to our hearts and we have enjoyed getting to know them over the years.  Candlelighters recently relocated to a much needed new facility, which includes a large storeroom adjacent to the front offices.  The team at Candlelighters is thrilled to have the storage space, which is easily accessible for them.  Our task was to work with their team to prepare their office prior to the move, oversee the move, and then organize the donated toys, charitable event items/decor, and various supplies they need to operate their organization.  


We were a bit nervous about the prediction of rain in the forecast, so we began that morning by setting up canopies just in case raindrops started to fall from the overcast sky.  We then proceeded to remove boxes which had been moved into the new facility by KC Salley earlier in the week.  Boxes were placed in the parking lot and the organizing began!  Have we mentioned how much we really love the process of organizing?  Because we truly love the challenge!


IMG_0046               IMG_0044



Once we had everything moved out, the storage room was nice and empty….but not for long!


julie ken   


As the day progressed, we sorted, organized, boxed, labeled, and shelved the supplies in order for the team at Candlelighters to maximize their space and have easy access to the items they need.  Check out this great video of how our day went.  Yes, we do work quite quickly.  Okay, we didn’t get it done in under a minute, but we tried to move at lightning speed!




We enjoyed a wonderful lunch provided by the Candlelighters’ team and had the opportunity to learn even more about what they do and how they support their families who deal with childhood cancer.  After lunch, the sun was shining and we were busy helping them finish up the organizing project.  The sense of accomplishment we felt when leaving the project was powerful!  We are proud of the Candlelighters’ team and know that they will be able to work even more efficiently with the new organized, accessible storeroom.


after 3      IMG_0051


IMG_0054   after 2


Thank you to Candlelighters for welcoming us into their new space and for allowing us to help them get their storage room organized.  A great day was had by all!


There are many ways to get involved or donate to Candlelighters, the Childhood Cancer Family Alliance.  


Let’s keep the flame lit!


Thank you to KC Salley Relocation who partnered with our team to get the project done.  We want to also give special thanks to the Houston Relocation Professionals, who have been major supporters and spread awareness for Candlelighters.









Welcome to Texas, y’all!


super bowl




In a couple of weeks, the Lone Star State, specifically Houston, will be hosting the biggest game of the year.  Texans are born with football in their blood.  Friday night lights have been a beacon for every Texan from the time they took their first step.  Homecoming is an event like no other and the bigger the mum, the better!  


The rivalry between the big cities in Texas is fierce.  But, it’s like a sibling rivalry.  The big cities can pick on each other, but how dare any non-Texan say a negative word about any place in the Lone Star State!


Texas is proud of its unique culture.  Texas made “y’all” a word.  And, yes, “y’all” is a word!  It’s a contraction formed from the words “you” and “all.”  It is also a complete sentence.  Y’all!


Check out these links for more information about Texas and Houston as the host of Super Bowl 51:


Yes to Texas has some serious humor that every Texan can relate to.  Share with your non-Texan friends and family to help them understand what Texas is all about.


Houstonia’s guide to the best events and places in Houston to enjoy the big game.


Everything you need to know about Houston and Super Bowl 51 is found on the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee Site.  


The front door of Houston is located at the Greater Houston Partnership.


We hope everyone enjoys the big game on February 5th.  May your queso and BBQ be authentic!  Oh, and pack sweaters and your bathing suit.  Because in Texas, all four seasons can happen in one, single day!  







Your Weekend Home





We love Houston!  It’s a great city in which to work, live, and play.  However, countless Houstonians are escaping to weekend homes that are a few hours away from the hustle and bustle, not to mention the traffic, of this big city we call home.  With so many beautiful areas surrounding our city, the weekend home or ranch has become a reality for many families.


The rewards of buying a weekend getaway are countless.  It becomes our place to stargaze, gather around a fire pit, go boating on a pristine lake, host family gatherings, and make memories. In other words, this home is a place to escape to leisure and solace after a busy week!  


Once the purchase of the secondary residence becomes a reality, the challenge of setting up the new household can be a bit daunting.  We want it not only to be a place to relax, but also a place to invite friends and family to enjoy the getaway in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable.  


This is where Prévu Relocation Concierge Services can come to your assistance. We’re experts at setting up your home to be a welcoming place to kick off your boots and enjoy the porch swing.


Clients utilize our services to help them organize moving some of their current furnishings, procure new items or work with their decorators to create the retreat and make it comfortable for their family and friends.  We take care of every detail from stocking the home with necessities to adding all items that make your home “well appointed.”   Our goal is to take away stress and tasks that are involved in setting up your home, whether it’s in the big city or the sweet countryside!


For more information about our relocation concierge services, please call


We offer complimentary consultations!


Introducing Ken Skadal




Prévu Relocation Concierge Services/Move Resource Group, LLC, is pleased to announce that Ken Skadal has joined our team as the Manager of Business Development. Ken comes with a wealth of experience within the relocation industry, having spent the last four years as the Regional Sales Manager and Business Development Officer for Square Cow Moovers.  Ken’s experience also includes many years in the hospitality industry.  We view his commitment to excellent customer service and proven business development as the perfect addition to our already extraordinary team of professionals.   Networking and relationship building are two of Ken’s strongest attributes and as the Manager of Business Development he will be dedicated to serving and continuing to expand our business connections.


Ken has been married to his wife, Kat, for six years and has four children.  As a family, they are committed to giving back to the community through their church and other civic opportunities and they have a passion for foster parenting and adoption.  Ken enjoys watching hockey, playing golf, working out, and traveling.


Welcome aboard, Ken! We are excited to have you as our newest team member!


Move Resource Group, LLC, is the corporate relocation management division of Prévu Relocation Concierge Services.  












Moving During the Holidays: Controlling the Chaos





Our Prévu team has learned a lot of lessons over the years as a relocation concierge services company.  The most important of those lessons is that we should always expect the unexpected.  Our friends and colleagues are always surprised to learn that we have many clients who move right before or during the busy holiday season.  They wonder why a client would choose to add relocating their home and family to an already stressful time of the year.  What we have learned and remind everyone is this – moving is a task that happens 365 days a year.  People have various reasons for moving;  ranging from job transfers, retirement, sudden life changes, etc.  Houses get put on the market and once the sale is final, a move must commence, regardless of the time of year!


Since Prévu’s beginning, our relocation and organization specialists have packed, unpacked, organized, and displayed numerous holiday decorations for clients.  We have turned houses into homes for clients the day before Thanksgiving, so they can host their family and show off their new home without the stress of boxes in the way.  We have displayed Christmas trees for families on Christmas Eve so their children can wake up the next morning and run excitedly to see what goodies Santa has left for them.  These are the small gestures that create peaceful memories for our clients.  We love to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients! 


On a regular day, we create order out of chaos for our clients.  During the holidays, the chaos and stress increase even more.  There is no better feeling for our team than leaving a project at the end of the day knowing our client is delighted with our performance.  We love to leave them saying, “WOW!”


Contact us to find out how we can help you or your clients relocation and organization during these busy holidays.